“The Book of Mark” Series
Week 9 – “The Book of Mark – The Cross and the Resurrection”

Read Mark 15:25-32
Are we the kind of disciples who are willing to do the hard things so that God can receive glory?
Read Mark 15:33-34
What part do you most connect with right now? What part do you need to make your prayer?
Read Mark 16:1-8
Why do you think Mark ends his gospel this way? What does he want us to gather from this?
Wrap Up
Will you be the kind of disciple who is willing to speak for Christ?
Week 8 – “The Book of Mark 14 & 15”

Read Mark 14:1-9 – Anointing at Bethany
So what do you think about what I just said? Why is it easier to be dedicated than it is to be devoted? What is so hard about being devoted to Jesus?
Mark 14:32-42 – Gethsemane
How is it that pride is our greatest weakness and admitting our weakness becomes our greatest strength?
Mark 15:21-32 – Death of Jesus
I wonder if we’re ready and willing to set aside our agendas and plans for Jesus’ agenda?

Week 7 – “The Book of Mark 11-13”

Read Mark 11:15-19
I want you to share with each other some of your observations.
Read Mark 12:28-31
I wonder how we can grow in love for God and neighbor? How are you growing in this way?
Read Mark 12:38-40
I wonder why it is that we feel the need to hide our brokenness? What can we do to change that?
Week 6 – “The Book of Mark – Verses 8:22-10:52”

Read Mark 8:22-2
I wonder how you are growing in your understanding of Jesus?
Read Mark 9:2-13
I wonder how you are listening to Jesus?
Read Mark 9:14-37
Be honest; are you engaged in prayer (power and faith-filled) prayer?
Close by practicing that kind of prayer.
Week 5 – “The Book of Mark – Verses 6:6-8:21”

Read Mark 6:6-13 – “Sending the Twelve”
I want you to identify the things we have seen Jesus do so far in Mark’s gospel. And then, I want you to answer the question: What do the things Jesus did say about the things we should be doing?
Read Mark 6:30-44 – “Feeding the 5,000”
I wonder if you are stifled by your perceived limitations or if you trust Jesus to be sufficient, to supply every need for every occasion of service?
Week 4 – “The Book of Mark – Verses 3:13-6:6”

Read Mark 3:31-35
I wonder how we can become the kind of people whose desire is to do what God says?
Read Mark 4:35-41
What are you doing to know Jesus better? Grow in knowledge of Him?
I wonder what you have observed in your study of Mark, so far?
Next week read Mark 6:7-8:21.
Week 3 – “The Book of Mark”

Read Mark 1:16-18
I wonder what God’s greater purpose looks like in your life? (If you don’t know what that purpose is, or you can’t clarify it, then pray together right now that the Lord will reveal His purpose for you.)
Read Mark 1:35-37
I wonder how we can grow in our desire for fellowship with God?
Read Mark 1:40-42
I wonder if there is anyone in your life who could use compassion, or you reaching out to them?
Read Mark 2:1-5
I wonder if we are we living with the kind of faith that makes a difference for others?
Next week read Mark 3:13-6:6
Week 2 – “The Book of Mark”

Read Mark 1:1-15
I wonder…what things need to be cleared out of your heart to pave the way for a deeper life with Christ?
I wonder why God chose these two times to affirm Jesus’ identity? What does it tell us about the importance of understanding our identity?
I wonder how our identity in Christ is put to the test? Do you trust who the Father says you are?
I wonder what repentance looks like for you today? 
Week 1 – “The Book of Mark”

Read Mark 1:16-20
I wonder what it means to be a disciple of Jesus…
I wonder what you find both compelling and intimidating about the call of the disciples…
I wonder what it says to us today about how we can be learners of Jesus…
I wonder what it means to become like Jesus and do what Jesus did…
CHALLENGE: Read the book of Mark in preparation of the discipleship series.
Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations,
baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.
Teach the new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you.
And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of age.
~Matthew 28:19-20